Terms of Use and Privacy

seniordesign.studio is a free design book website founded by Nesil Aksoy Design Studio. All information on our site is free. There is no membership system on the site.

General Provisions

  1. seniordesign.studio takes care to ensure that the content it creates or contains is in compliance with the law, and you can report any content that you think is unlawful or any other problem related to seniordesign.studio to the e-mail address seniordstudio@gmail.com.
  2. seniordesign.studio has no responsibility for the link, direction (link etc.) or attached content in the content. No responsibility is accepted for issues such as the accuracy and reliability of the content or site accessed in this way.
  3. seniordesign.studio is a free design book website established by Nesil Aksoy Design Studio, it is protected in accordance with the relevant legislation. seniordesign.studio reserves the right to take legal action in case of violation of trademark rights by you.
  4. seniordesign.studio may change the structure of its services from time to time without prior notice to you and/or make the services or some of their features chargeable or terminate them temporarily or permanently. It can also change the price of the services it provides for a fee, if it deems necessary.
  5. While seniordesign.studio attaches importance to the continuity of the publication of the content, services, facilities and other elements on the site, it does not guarantee that the publication and / or the services offered on the site will be uninterrupted.


  1. Any content you submit to be published on seniordesign.studio must be in accordance with the law, and all legal and criminal liability regarding this belongs to you. If the content you submit is against the law, the content in question may be removed from the publication by seniordesign.studio without any notice to you, upon complaint.
  2. As long as you are on the site or use the site, you accept all the rules in this text as a whole. Your use of the site may be blocked if you act against the said rules, violate the terms of use, use the service maliciously, or if seniordesign.studio deems it necessary. seniordesign.studio also reserves the right to take legal action.
  3. You must act in accordance with the law in the comments made on the content on the site, do not act against the personality, brand and financial rights of any real or legal person, only for advertising purposes or disturbing (cursing, slander, insult, pornographic content, etc.) messages, content, files. or you must not send any other data. The site, site management and employees do not have any responsibility directly and/or indirectly for the conflicts arising from these relations and the material or moral losses arising from these relations.
  4. The failure of seniordesign.studio to enforce any of its rights or conditions contained in these Terms of Use shall not be deemed a waiver of such right or condition. If any provision of these Terms of Use becomes invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use shall remain in full force and effect.
  5. seniordesign.studio has no responsibility for the software it uses. Seniordesign.studio is not responsible for any damage to the software and hardware elements you use due to any software on this site.
  6. Visitors may not take any action that prevents or complicates the use of the site by other visitors, and may not take any action that will disrupt or render servers or databases inoperable.
  7. Although every effort is made to ensure that our site does not contain viruses and other harmful content, there is a possibility that your computer will be infected by a virus due to technical problems and other reasons. Even if it is assumed that you use antivirus software, which is one of the simplest precautions taken by an average computer user, if you still incur any damage, our site is not responsible for any damage you may suffer (including but not limited to damage to your computer or programs). For these reasons, requests cannot be made from our site.
  8. The opinions and suggestions you send to seniordstudio@gmail.com regarding the terms of use on our site are carefully examined regardless of any commercial concerns.

Copyright and Citation Limit

  1. You have only the right of personal use regarding any content you access on the site and any multimedia content that is the subject of intellectual property used in the design of these pages and the creation of the database (except where expressly transfer of copyrights is stated).
  2. All financial rights of seniordesign.studio are stated to belong to the contents and all photographs, recipes, methods, codes, programs, processes and visuals, except for your personal use, wired or wired or cable, such as radio-television, satellite and cable, especially copying, processing and the Internet. You do not have permission and/or right to broadcast the content by means of radio broadcasting organizations or by means of any means including but not limited to digital transmission, signal, sound and/or image transmission.
  3. Quoting the content in seniordesign.studio is possible, provided that it stays within reasonable limits and gives a link to our site regarding the reference and related content. A reasonable limit is a simple summary of the work or other content, and should be at a level that does not negate the need to visit our site to understand the content. In any case, it is not possible to quote all of the content on the site without our written permission, even if the above conditions are complied with. The provisions of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works regarding the subject are reserved.
  4. It is accepted that all rights of any content submitted for publication by seniordesign.studio belong to seniordesign.studio or that it has the right to use seniordesign.studio within the framework of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works. In terms of content for which you do not have the right to broadcast, you must provide content in accordance with the procedure in the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and with reference to it, otherwise you may have to indemnify seniordesign.studio for all damages.

Privacy Terms

You directly or indirectly share some information and data with us for the use of the services on our site. (Data such as IP, device, location and browser information, browsing and interaction content, date and connection time) We take the utmost care in keeping your information and data. However, we are not responsible if your information is obtained, changed or deleted beyond our control, through unauthorized access to the system where your data is located, malfunctioning or changing the functioning of the system.

How Your Information Is Used
  1. Your information and data; It can be used for purposes such as ensuring the operation of the site and your account, communicating with you, developing the site and services, creating statistical data, and making analysis. This information can be used separately, can be used by attachment, profiles can be created. Your personal information will not be shared with third parties without your consent or legal obligations. We may send or mediate advertisements, promotions, notices, announcements, without sharing your contact addresses with third parties.
  2. The information and data to be obtained and the statistics and similar results to be obtained by using them may be shared with third parties, provided that your anonymity is protected.
  3. We can keep the information and data obtained as long as we wish, but we do not have a commitment to keep it permanently. IP information is kept for 6 (six) months due to legal obligations.
Cookies and Other Methods
  1. During your stay on the site, cookies or similar tracking data, also called “cookies”, may be placed on your computer through the browser you use or information may be collected in different ways. With this method, some statistical information is collected and used to improve our services.
Other Sites
  1. We do not make any commitments regarding the accuracy, accessibility or reliability of the sites and their contents that you will access on the site, in the e-mails to be sent to you or in the links in the advertisements. We are not responsible for the content of the sites you access through the links. The privacy policy of the site you will access may also be different.
Changing the Privacy Policy
  1. Privacy terms are subject to change without prior notice as new features are added to the Site or new suggestions are received from our users. For this reason, we recommend that you review the privacy terms when you visit our site. We recommend that you review this page frequently, as the site has the right to change the terms of membership, use and privacy without prior notice.

(This page was last updated on 05/07/2022.)